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Designers For Less ....Oooodles of Dooodles!!!

Posted by Renee on 3/29/2012

Ooooodle and ooooodles of dooooodles!!

Ever notice there's a 'doodle' dog every time you turn around!?!?!?!  They are everywhere, right??? I just left the vet, and met the most adorable 4 month old, golden doodle named Jack.

What's a "doodle" you ask??? A "doodle" is a Poodle hybrid or crossbreed dog with ancestry in the purebred poodle and a dog of another purebred dog breed. A doodle is sometimes referred to as a "designer dog." 
The term "designer dog" was first used in the late 20th century, when breeders began to cross purebred poodles with other recognized dog breeds in order to create a dog with the non-shedding, allergy-friendly coat of the Poodle, combined with various desirable characteristics from other breeds.

People buy 'designer dogs' for various reason, so many desire a 'hypo allergenic' dog that doesn't shed, and after all Poodles are the 2nd smartest breed....sometimes I think those stats may be slightly off and there's a tie for 1st place :)

The thing is people don't realize these 'designer' pups are available for adoption too!!  The 'doodles' have been around long enough now for rescue groups to have been formed.  Click here to check out one Doodle Rescue Group. "Designer dogs' end up in shelters/rescues just as often as pure breeds and mixed breeds. Sometimes people don't realize the 'pedigree' and 'designer' dogs are out there looking for homes too.  Please do your research before making any purchases....there's a doodle baby out there looking for you too!!!

Mhu Ghu Gives Back

Posted by Renee on 3/27/2012
Have you ever heard of "The Dog Matchmaker"?? The Dog Matchmaker helps pet parents looking to adopt a pooch by sorting through all the resources to find the ideal ideal pup, based on the parents requests. We love this service as it helps find loving parents for homeless pets!!! Check it out...
Mhu Ghu has been working with "The Dog Matchmaker" for about a year now. Once Sarah, the founder of the organization, finds a pup a new home, she lets us know and we donate a beautiful new collar to the pet parent to give their new furry family member. It's our way of saying THANKS to people who support adoption and a little 'welcome to your new home" gift for their pup.
Lady is the latest pup to be connected with a loving mom through the wonderful services of "The Dog Matchmaker".  Look at the beautiful face!!  We wish she and her new mom Amalyah a long, healthy, happy life together!!
Mhu Ghu is so proud to support this cause and reward those new pet parents who've adopted a pup with one of our beautiful collars.  Stay tuned for more pics of Lady in her new collar!!

Check Out These Mhu Ghu Furry Fashionistas

Posted by Renee on 3/26/2012

We recently shared the winner of Mhu Ghu's  "Most Fashionable Pup" photo contest, Pipsqueak.  We'd like to share photos of some of the other wonderful pictures we received.  Thank you to all our fans who submitted photos of their fashionable, furry, friends. You are all winners to us!!!

Check out above:
Bumpus looking rad and ready for the beach
Chi Chi Gonzalez adorable in her pretty pink tee
Lil' Diva sporting Mhu Ghu Crystal collar
Faye the Sweet little Angel

Check out below:
Gucci - groomed and ready for a show
Odis sporting gorgeous Mhu Ghu crystal harness and matching leash
Lovely Vania and her little girl in matching dresses
Sweet Poodlepants decked out and ready to rock


"Smell" The Flowers without the allergies....

Posted by Renee on 3/23/2012
Unfortunately many of us suffer from terrible allergies at this time of year. Did you know our furry friends can suffer too?? :( Pups can have reactions to inhaled particles such as pollen, mold, and dust. Instead of sneezing however, pets typically have itchy skin and will persistently scratch, lick and bite to get relief. Be sure if your fur baby is showing any signs of allergies you contact your vet. Left untreated they will just keep at it causing sores that could become infected. Make sure you keep your eye on your canine companion after those long Spring walks.
If your pup is showing signs of allergy symptoms from pollen, you may want to keep them away from blooming flowers, but they can still enjoy one of Mhu Ghu's flowers!!!

LIKE US and We Like Ya Back With Bling!

Posted by Renee on 3/22/2012
Jocelyn and Whitney's names were pulled from our "Like Us" drawing and both ladies win a beautiful Swarovski Crystal Dog Bone Charm!!!
We've had such a wonderful response recently to our outreach via Facebook that we decided to pull two names for the "Like Us" drawing to show our appreciation for your feedback, sharing of photo's, etc.  Please keep the pics coming and tell your pet parent friends to LIKE Mhu Ghu so they too can be eligible to win too.
 We'll be pulling names randomly for a chance to win something from Mhu Ghu's fantastic collection of pet accessories for the fashionable pup.  It's just a small token of our appreciation of your support.

Our two lucky ladies will be receiving a sparkling Swarovski crystal dog bone charm that either they or their pup can sport.  We'll be sure and share pics when we've received them.  The charm is very versatile.  Sassy on you, and stunning on your pup....your choice....and your choice of beautiful colors.

Keep your eyes out for more drawings and contests from Mhu Ghu.  We hope to see your comments here or on our Facebook page too. Your feedback is ALWAYS welcome!!

Thank you for your continued support !!!

We Have A Winner!!!

Posted by Renee on 3/20/2012 to Promotion

We have a winner !!!! It was tough as we received pics of so many adorable, furry fashionistas, but Mhu Ghu is proud to announce PIPSQUEAK as the winner of our "Most Fashionable Pup" photo contest.
Check out Pipsqueaks photo entry where she's modeling her beautiful polka dot black and white dress with red bow and ruffle, and the pretty bow in her hair. Check out that over the shoulder "Paris Hilton pose" she's got going on there! She's a natural.

As winner of the contest Pipsqueak will choose her prize from Mhu Ghu's collection of gorgeous, genuine Swarovski crystal necklaces.  We'll be sure and share her picture with you once she selects her prize and sends a picture back to us wearing i.

Mhu Ghu's collection of doggy jewelry is unique, fun, and sophisticated. There's a style for every furry fashion conscious pup, or the simple bohemian, hippy hound. 

In honor of Pipsqueak, Mhu Ghu is offering all furry fashionista's a $5.00 OFF Coupon.  Simply type "pnktlc" (all lower case) in the promo code to receive $5.00 OFF ANY ITEM!

Visit us often as we'll be running more contests for you and your fashionable pup to enter.


Bling Is Not Only For Your Pup

Posted by Renee on 3/19/2012
We've been talking about a lot of BLING for Spring.... BLING for your pup...bling, bling, bling. How about some bling for pet parents too !!!

Mhu Ghu's genuine Swarovski crystal retractable leash gives new meaning to bling!!!  This leash is something else.  Retractable leashes are typically just black plain old plastic handles, but not this one!  Nothing compares to the shimmer and brilliance of Swarovski crystal.  There are approximately 2,260 CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements that completely encrust our leopard retractable leash.  It is nothing short of spectacular!! The leash extends 16 feet and has a pull weight of 40 pounds.  The leash comes packaged in a velvet pouch so you can keep it safely tucked away when not using it. 

If you prefer solids we also offer a CLEAR crystal and PINK crystal Swarovski retractable leash as well. Click here to check out your choices.

You and your pup will be the envy of all your friends when they see you strolling in the park in style.  Between the crystal harness on your pooch and the crystal retractable leash in your'll be styling all the way!!!


Posted by Renee on 3/15/2012 to Promotion
What makes your furry friend a 'fahionista??"  Is it their Mohawk, or their dyed pink or blue ears ala Katy Perry??? Or their choice of sweater and matching boots for those cold winter nights walking through the snow.  Maybe it's their rhinestone studded t-shirts, or their crystal collar and matching leash  Whatever it is WE WANT TO SEE IT!!!!

Tonight is the last night to submit your entry to Mhu Ghu's "Most Fashionable Pup Photo Contest."  We are giving the winner the choice to select from our gorgeous collection of Swarovski crystal doggy necklaces.  There's something for every one, male or female.  Our crystal peace sign for instance is a perfect fit either your sweet girl of bohemian boy. 

We'll be posting the winners on our Facebook page and on our website.  We're looking forward to seeing your pics so don't wait. The deadline is tonight at midnight!!!

Don't forget just 'like' Mhu Ghu on Facebook and you'll be entered in to a drawing to win a crystal dog bone that either you OR your pet can wear. 

We look forward to viewing all the entries and showing your furry fashionista to Mhu Ghu Nation very soon!
GOOD LUCK to all our contestants.
You are equally beautiful !!


Go Green for St. PAWtrick's Day

Posted by Renee on 3/14/2012

With St. PAWtrick's Day fast approaching, let's talk about going GREEN! Not only gorgeous green pet accessories that you can find for your fashionable pup on, but ways pet parents can be kind to the earth.

One easy step pet parents can take is using Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags. There are plenty of them on the market just do a quick search and find some available in a store near you or order on line.   There are even flushable poop bags on the market. 
FlushDoggy, makes a flushable eco-friendly dog waste bag. Dog poop can be flushed down the toilet and degrade naturally, just as our own poop. Exciting subject....I know!! :)

Keeping with the poop topic, for those of you who use wee wee pads for small or elderly pups, there's a way you can save money and help the environment at the same time. 
A company called Pretty Pee Pads  makes an environmentally-friendly and economical alternative to throw-away paper wee wee pads.  They are washable and reusable wee wee pads cloth on one side and a coating on the other to protect your floors.

These are just a couple of ways pet parents can help keep our  environment stay healthy . Remember taking some simple steps to "go green" not only makes for a healthier Earth for us two leggeds to roam, but for our four legged friends as well.  And really, what are we without them!!?!?

Now if you want to 'go green' in a literal sense, be sure and color your pups or your own hair with a non-toxic, all natural Vegetable dye that will wash our easily and not cause any harm to your pups skin, etc. And when you are all ready to accessorize your fashionable pup that's where Mhu Ghu comes in.  Check the some of the gorgeous green pet accessories your fashionable pup can sport on St. PAWty's Day and every day!!!


A Little Bling for Spring!!

Posted by Renee on 3/12/2012 to New Product
Fashion Jewelry Editor, Elena Zharina says of diamonds "..this gem is predominantly for evening wear..." This little Princess didn't get the memo!! She sports her 'diamonds' all day even while playing ball in the park....well in this case actually Swarovski Crystals sparkle on her fabulous fuchsia velvet harness by Mhu Ghu.

The Swarovski crystal dog harness is soft yet sturdy, flexible and fashionable.  Your pup will not only look fantastic in this little number, but will be super comfy and able to perform all their regular activities.  Nothing like looking good while fetching a ball, or running along side your mom or dad jogging on a beautiful Spring day while the crystals sparkle in the sunshine.

After a long day of play in the park your little Prince or Princess will be comfy enough wearing their crystal harness to take a nap in the grass......night night....


Just Click Here to check out Mhu Ghu's line of Swarovski Crystal Dog Harnesses

Not Ready for Pastels Just Yet

Posted by Renee on 3/9/2012 to Promotion

Ok, so you say you're not quite ready for pastels problem...we can accommodate. Check out these sleek black and white leather dog leashes with genuine Swarovski crystals. Made of top quality leather adorned with genuine, stunning, Swarovski crystals.  Crystals are hand mounted in brass for strength and durability. The edges are cleaned, beveled and smoothed for that extra touch.  Always superior craftsmanship. The hardware is made with solid brass with an overlay of anti rust chrome finish. Offered in white or black- multi colored crystals version or blue and clear or pink and clear versions in black or white. Your choice. All are equally as beautiful for the fashion conscious canine.

LEAD the Way To Spring With A Leash from Mhu Ghu

Posted by Renee on 3/8/2012 to Promotion

LEAD the way into Spring
with a beautiful leash for your pup from Mhu Ghu
Mhu Ghu has an unique collection of leashes for you and your pup no matter your taste. Whether you like the vintage/antique look, shimmering crystals, or beautiful colors with crystals, or splash of studs and spikes....we have the leash for you. Big or small we have something to suit them all. 
Check out these gorgeous leather, studded leashes in beautiful Spring colors. These leather leashes in pretty Spring colors are made of top quality leather, 2 layers, which is perfect for a small dog or puppy yet strong enough for larger breeds. The edges cleaned, beveled and smoothed by artisans hands using age old technique. The swivel clip is made of high quality stainless steel and the spikes are solid brass with a nickel top. PAWSitively top notch craftsmanship. Only the finest quality for you and your fashionable pup from Mhu Ghu.

And, don't forget the matching collar to complete your fashionable pups ensemble!!!

LED HARNESS for Non-Collar Wearing Canines

Posted by Renee on 3/7/2012 to Promotion
Since we've been on the subject of LED leashes and collars, please don't fret if your furry friend is not a collar wearin' canine....we have an LED HARNESS available too!!

Mhu Ghu has created an easy step-in harness with integrated flashing LED lights across the chest and sides. Lights glows from any angle, day or night, keeping pets seen & safe! Whether you live in the city or the suburbs being seen at night while walking your dog is a safety must !  Our LED dog harness is strong, yet soft, lightweight and water-proof. The LED harness is fully adjustable to fit most dog sizes & shapes. Batteries included. Durable, double woven black nylon webbing make a great contrast for your choice of red, white or blue lights. LED'S last for up to 100,000 hours!

L.E.D.Lighted Dog LEASHES from Mhu Ghu

Posted by Renee on 3/6/2012

L.E.D. Lighted Dog Leashes by Mhu Ghu Keep You and Your Pup Safe at Night !!

 Mhu Ghu's L.E.D lighted leash is the best quality lighted leash on the market. The leash is made of thick durable nylon. It has a pvc center from top to bottom that encases the L.E.D.'s not only to protect the lights, but so they show from both sides of the dog leash. It has 3 different light modes (steady, blinking, and fast blinking) You and your pup will be seen with this L.E.D. dog leash from as far as 1000 feet away. The leash is water-resistant and highly durable. Buckle tested for 200+ lbs pull.
Available in Blue with blue lights, Red with red lights and Black with white lights. 4', 5' and 6' a in length and comes with batteries. LED'S last for up to 100,000 hours!! 
The collar and/or leash is a MUST HAVE to keep you and your pup visible and safe at night.

Can't see the dog but you sure can see those lights at night.

Keep Your Pup Safe with L.E.D. Collar by Mhu Ghu

Posted by Renee on 3/5/2012 to Promotion
Keep you pup safe at night with Mhu Ghu's
L.E.D dog collars!!
 The L.E.D. Dog Collar by Mhu Ghu's is one of our top selling products. This is not just some 'novelty' light up collar.  The lights on this collar can be seen from as far as 1,000 feet away!!! Double nylon construction, WATER PROOF, has 3 light settings, strong, yet lightweight, and fully adjustable. Not only great looking and well made, but adds a safety feature to you and your pup while strolling at night. 

For a limited time the L.E.D. collar is a available for a heavily discounted price.  Don't wait to check it out. The L.E.D. dog collar comes in a variety colors and sizes.  Just CLICK HERE to view the collection and pick out the size and collar most appealing to you for your pup. 

Mhu Ghu wants to help keep your canine companion safe!

Don't wait to get a L.E.D. dog collar for your furry friend today while the deal is on!!

Strutt Your Studs

Posted by Renee on 3/2/2012

Strut Your Studs !!!

Mhu Ghu's line of genuine leather and studded pet accessories are not only super cool looking and fun to wear, but made of the highest quality materials. Genuine bridle leather adorned with brass, studs and spikes. Exceptional craftsmanship. All spikes, buckle & D-ring are made with solid brass fittings. Spikes and studs are hand set with brass rivets.  

Mhu Ghu takes pride in providing the highest quality, most fashionable, pet accessories for you and your canine companion.  Your dog will walk with head held high when struttin' down the street in studded accessories by Mhu Ghu.

Click here
to check out our full line of products made especially with the fashionable pup in mind.

March Madness with Mhu Ghu Green!

Posted by Renee on 3/1/2012 to Promotion

March Madness with Mhu Ghu

March is here and I don't know about you but when I think March, I think Green.  Maybe it's the coming of Spring, the grass starting to come back to life after the snow melts, the flowers starting to peak....or the sea of green that will march down Fifth Avenue at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Or maybe it's because St. Patrick's Day happens to be my birthday and I'm always thinking ahead about what to wear in green!!

Well this year not only will I be wearing green but Gracie's going green too....thanks too Mhu Ghu!

Mhu Ghu has many wonderful fashionable pet accessories for your pup in the lovely color green. 
Fashionable pets must think ahead so don't wait too long to order something green for your fashionable furry friend.  Before you know it St. Patrick's Day will be here and you and your pup may be marching in a parade too.

Click here Take a look at some of the wonderful green pet accessories available for your fashionista fur baby at Mhu Ghu

Mhu Ghu's Most Fashionable Pup Photo Contest In On!!!!

Posted by Renee on 2/29/2012 to Promotion


Enter Mhu Ghu's Most Fashionable Pup Photo Contest and win a

Swarovski Crystal Necklace for your Fashionable Pup !!!!

Is your pup a furry fashionista???

Send us a photo of your furry friend looking their most fashionable and win a genuine Swarovski crystal necklace by Mhu Ghu.
Photos must be submitted by March 15th to

Winner will select the necklace of their choice from Mhu Ghu's line of gorgeous genuine Swarovski crystal necklaces.

You may view our necklace collection at

The winner and their parents will be featured on our Facebook page and on Mhu Ghu's website.

Simply 'like us' and you'll also be entered  in a drawing to win a 

Swarovski crystal dog bone charm.

Like us here.



Support World Spay Day!!

Posted by Renee on 2/28/2012
Did you know that today is "World Spay Day ?" World Spay Day creates a worldwide wave of spay/neuter awareness and activity by linking together hundreds of events organized by local animal welfare organizations and advocates, as well as by veterinary professionals through The HSUS’ veterinary affiliate Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association. World Spay Day provides a unique opportunity for everyone who cares about animals to come together towards a common goal – a global, united solution to end the euthanasia and suffering of homeless companion animals, feral cats and street dogs.

Please share your World Spay Day stories with us!! We are a company of passionate pet lovers who support the efforts of organizations world wide who work tirelessly to find homes for abandoned, abused, pets, stamp out over population, enforce stronger laws against animal abusers, put puppy mills out of business, etc.

We would love to hear from you on your experiences and opinions on this topic.

Give an extra Hug and Kiss to your spayed pet today from your friends at Mhu Ghu!!

Get Your Pet Ready For Their Date with Accessories by Mhu Ghu !!

Posted by Renee on 2/22/2012 to Promotion
Have you heard the latest news in the pet scene?? Pet dating.  Yup that's right, pet dating. There are sites popping up like that is an online community for pet parents who want their pet to live long, healthy, fulfilling lives with the company of another pet.  Hmmm, I think we call that 'socializing' your pet....but whatever works. Well before your pet goes out  dating be sure your furry friend is accessorized and looking their best.  Mhu Ghu has something for every pooch.  Whether your pup is meeting their special date in the park or for a night time stroll, Mhu Ghu has fashionable dog accessories for every size, shape, and breed. 

Click here to check out fabulous pet accessories by Mhu Ghu....
you're sure to find something just right for your pets date!!!