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About Us

Welcome to Mhu Ghu!  A family owned business that started in 2008 because of the love I had for my grand puppy Ruby.  She was my inspiration to use my creative skills and business sense to design elegant with a bit of funk, pet accessories for all the furry babies of the world 

At a young age I discovered I had the gift of designing.  Later on in life I discovered that being an entrepreneur was the only way I knew how to support myself and children ~ so off on my journey I went to find out how to make both passions work.  It was an eclectic past!  I designed and manufactured clothes for small boutiques, for women of the Harley Davidson market; I became a small business owner and a real estate investor to name a few. It was fabulous being associated with all of these and they all led me to my real passion when I started Mhu Ghu.  My goal was to create pet products that are elegant and unique which will connect women's fashion to dog fashion since our furry children reflect our style.

My experience over the years with pet owners and designing women's fashion, I am able to bring the best pet accessories with the finest, elegant touch, that will make a statement for you and your furry baby. 

1-Our Products
Each product is personally designed with a passion to make it the best 
quality matched with the best value.

2-Excellence in Customer Service
We believe in the old philosophy that customer is king, so we always listen and we are always available to serve because of the age of technology, we are online to chat with you M-F.  Or ~ if you want to hear our voice, we are still available the old fashion way by calling ~you can also email us we will respond in less than 48 hours.

We have established fabulous relationships with our manufacturers, which has enabled us to negotiate the best prices in craftsmanship and materials. 

We offer an online chat or toll free number; it is very easy to shop with us. We are also growing and will be available in every high-end pet boutique near you. We are here for you to answer any questions you may have.  

5-We love our Company!
Our love for our company is our driving force.  It is our goal to make all of our furry friends special in the fashion world and be able to match it with your style. We are very passionate about our products and our social community.  We want to talk to you ~ to hear your opinions ~ your wants ~ your needs ~ or anything that can help us serve you.  Please join us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the updates about new products and what Mhu Ghu is involved in.  You and your pup are important to us.